Traditional, reliable, respectful and future-aligned

Our employees align their thinking and their actions on these values. Pursuing them in their daily work is the task and objective of each and every Dömer employee.


We are familiar with the complex business processes of our customers and on the basis of this knowledge develop prototypes and carry out production with high-quality technology. In so doing we offer much more than just the selling of serial parts but help to make the business processes of our customers still more efficient and boost at the same time their entrepreneurial success. In this we make use of our specialist know-how with clearly defined core areas of expertise.


Expertise and innovation is the claim that our employees endeavour to satisfy for our customers. In the coming years we wish to be the attractive and reliable partner for niche and future-oriented technologies. We will extend this position still further in order to progress the growth of our company and to secure the jobs of our employees.

You will also find information in our image brochure that we will be pleased to send to you on request.